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Christmas time in Vienna

Vienna in Christmas time is like one big Christmas market. Streets are filled with smell of punch, mulled wine and sweet pastry. There are many big Christmas markets but also smaller ones. We went to Vienna just for a weekend but actually there's so much to see in Vienna that one weekend isn't enough.

A must-see and must-do is definitely big ice rink at near town hall. We went there in the morning as soon as it opened and then it was pleasantly empty. When we finished skating it really started to fill up.

On Saturday evening we went to Vienna English theater. They call themselves English Lovers and do improvised comedy sketches. It was really good. I booked tickets several weeks before because the tickets sell out very quickly.

We decided to skip the palaces and visit museums and churches instead. First museum was Haus der Musik - House of Music. If you like classical music then this is a definite must-see. The museum is quite big and has several themes - history of Vienna Ph…


Meersburg is a nice medieval town at Lake Konstanz. It's right across the lake from the city of Konstanz. There are car ferries going between the two in every 15 minutes.

At the moment it's really crowded in Konstanz because lots of Swiss people are doing their Christmas shopping there and there's also a Christmas market. As soon as we arrived to Meersburg it was nicely quiet and tourist-free. I guess the main reason is that there is no Christmas market in Meersburg but I must say it was really nice change of scenery after going through the crowded Konstanz.

The main attractions in Meersburg are two castles (old and new) and spa. We visited all three. Spa is small and would require some renovation but overall impression was still nice.

The castles used to be the residences of the bishop. They are located next to each other but unfortunately there's no joint ticket. Old castle had most of the information in German only. New castle had everything in English as well. The…

Foggy days on Uetliberg

Uetliberg is a hill in Zürich and it's very close to where I live. I walk there quite often and sometimes take my camera with me. In recent month it's been really foggy up there and it creates really mysterious atmosphere. Normally you can see Lake Zürich and the city but now it's all white emptiness. The photos in this post are from several walks. Therefore the autumn colors decrease as you scroll down further.

Freiburg. Day 2

Second day in Freiburg was rainy so I spent the whole day visiting the museums. You can get a combined ticket that gives you entrance to 5 museums and it actually is possible to visit all of them in one day because most of them are quite small. 
I started with Augustinermuseum which is the biggest museum and still under construction to be expanded further. I liked this one the most. It mainly displays religious art but it's showcased on very nice and interesting way and you don't feel overwhelmed. They also have plenty of English texts. 
Near to Augustinermuseum are Museum of New Art and Nature Museum. I didn't take photos in those but Museum of New Art was nice small art museum. I recommend visiting it. Nature Museum is mostly for kids and there are lots of them running around there. Museum of New Art had English texts available. Nature Museum has unfortunately everything in German only.

Archeological museum is located a little bit further from the other museums but the…

Freiburg. Day 1

Two weeks ago I spent a weekend in Freiburg. The main goal was to visit the opera theater there. The first day the weather was so nice that I decided to just walk around the city and leave all the museums for Sunday. Which turned out to be really good decision because it was raining on Sunday - so perfect museum weather.

I arrived quite early on Saturday morning and first headed to the Saturday market. It's really nice with all the farmers selling their fresh produce.

The market is held on the cathedral square. The cathedral is really big.

And one photo from inside:

 Freiburg has two city gates with the towers. Believe it or not but a tram fits through this gate.

Because the weather was so nice I decided to go to the botanical garden. It is actually quite small and all the greenhouses were closed. The entrance to the botanical garden is free.

Then I went to the big park called Seepark. It's around an artificial lake and seems a very popular place for locals to do sports, just…