Canada. Lynn Canyon

We started our adventure in Canada by visiting Lynn Canyon. The first evening we arrived to Vancouver we had dinner at one small restaurant. There were no other guests than us and the woman working there was obviously quite bored. So she came over to talk to us. We of course asked for recommendations about what to see. Her definite must see was Lynn Canyon.

One of the places we were considering to visit also was Grouse Mountain but she didn't recommend visiting it in the end of April. So we skipped it.

Lynn Canyon is located very close to Vancouver - just a little bit North. We took a ferry to the other side of the bay and then right from the ferry terminal there are buses leaving for Lynn Canyon.

Nice thing about Lynn Canyon is that visiting it is completely free. There is a suspension bridge (that you can kind of see on a photo above) like at Capilano but to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge you have to pay quite a lot of money.

If you are afraid of heights then the suspension bridge is probably not for you - it's very high above the river and it rocks when you go over it.

If you plan to continue your trip to US and visit some waterfalls and rivers there then you can actually skip Lynn Canyon. Later on our trip we actually saw more impressive views. Don't get me wrong - I do consider Lynn Canyon a nice place to visit.

We spent there maybe 2 hours in total and walked a loop on Baden Powell Trail. You can get to the river at several places and there are also nice forest views.

If you want to have an escape to the nature from Vancouver then Lynn Canyon is definitely worth considering!

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