Canada. Vancouver day 1

Stanley Park

I must say I really like Vancouver. It is a city with many faces - historical Gastown, waterfront, totem poles, Chinatown, a little bit creepy downtown with lots of homeless people, hippie and bohemian Commercial Drive neighborhood...

We used public transport to get around in Vancouver, mostly trains and buses. We also walked a lot.

From the previous post you could read that we started our Vancouver visit by going to Lynn Canyon. After returning from there it was conveniently close to go and check out Stanley Park.

Stanley Park
These totem poles are said to be the most popular tourist attraction in Vancouver. I actually imagined those totem poles to be much older but they are quite recent, mostly the replicas of the originals. The newest one is from 2009.

Stanley Park
The views from Stanley Park are amazing. You can really see the modern cityscape of Vancouver from there. Stanley Park is also very nice place to just relax and have a picnic or read a book.

View from Stanley Park

View from Stanley Park
We walked back from Stanley Park and continued to stroll along the Waterfront. With a nice sunny day it's a perfect place to enjoy the nice breeze and city's modern architecture.


 We ended the day at Granville island. It is a small island under the highway bridge that is full of small design shops, bars and galleries. It is famous for its public market where you can buy both food and designer goods. We also tasted some beer at Granville Island Brewing.

Entering to Granville Island

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