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I was looking for a nice town near Zürich to visit for a day and decided to visit Aarau. Aarau has quite a long history and pretty old town.

Aarau is located on river Aare. The old town is not directly on the river banks but you can see the river from there and there is a hydroelectric power plant on the river.

I visited three museums. First one was Naturama. It's right next to the train station and as you can guess from the name it is the museum of natural history.

Unfortunately all the information there is in German but it's still nice place to visit with kids. Most of the exposition is pretty self-explanatory. My personal favorite was the timeline of fossils of different eras of Earth's history.

The second museum I visited was Aarau City Museum. At the moment I was visiting they were changing some exhibitions so half the museum was closed for visitors but it was still a nice visit. Again, most of the information was in German. The history of the city was told through t…

Zürich and its churches

One of the very first days I did some sightseeing in Zürich happened to be a Monday which meant that most of the museums were closed. It was a very hot day so I decided to go and see the churches where it's usually nice and cool inside. So here is a little photo report.

First small church that I passed by was St Peter and Paul. It's a nice small Catholic church.  Visiting is free.

I guess there are not that many tourists visiting this church because it's a little bit further away from all the other tourist attractions.

A little bit more modern looking St Jakob is very close to St Peter and Paul. Visiting is again free.

The next church I stopped by was Augustinerkirche on Münzplatz. Visiting is free. It is quite charming in its simplicity.

Quite a contrast to the simplicity is St Peter. From all of those churches I've visited in Zürich, this is definitely showing off Baroque style the most. 
Visiting St Peter is free. It is located on higher ground which offers very ni…


I've been living now in Zürich for almost a month. I'm going to write about the places I go in Switzerland and also occasionally I will write about my experiences in the Netherlands.

Some observations/tips about Switzerland that I've discovered so far:

Public transport is expensive. Most of the local people have purchased a yearly discount card that gives 50% off but even then it is expensive. In Zürich the cheapest way to get around is to bike. There are free bike rentals but I haven't tried it myself: you like to visit museums and plat to visit quite a lot of them during your visit to Switzerland then consider getting a museum pass. It gives a free entrance to about 500 museums all over Switzerland and is valid for a year. Museum entrances can be quite expensive here although there are some free museums out there as well. Link: way to tolerate the summer heat in Zürich is to v…

Antelope Valley, Riverside and San Diego

I've reached to the final post about our trip. One of my goals for this trip was to see the poppy valleys in bloom. Google Antelope Valley and you see how it could look like. Unfortunately it had been extremely dry so there were no poppies at all although we were there right in the middle of the poppy season.

The views were still nice. It's not visible on the photos but the wind was really-really strong. It felt that it will almost blow you away.

I guess some dreams must remain for the future. So maybe we should try it once more...

We spent the night at Lancaster and in Lancaster itself is really not much to see. There are still two things you could check out if you happen to be around. We had incredibly good sushi for dinner at Saku Saki sushi restaurant. Next morning we checked out Musical Road. It's on West Avenue G. You just drive with your car on a road and the car wheels make the music play as they go over some special road cover. It's really cool and I guess if…

Sequoia National Park

The day we visited Sequoia National Park happened to be very foggy. It was quite a drive uphill with almost no visibility at all occasionally. Once we got up there was a little less fog but still we missed all the views of the valley.

Of course we had to see the biggest tree in the world. There it is - General Sherman.

Quite close to General Sherman starts a nice small path called "The Big Trees Trail".

It is really nice walk and we even managed to see some other wildlife in addition to the birds.

It felt very mysterious to walk between these giant trees in a fog. I really liked the information boards that were explaining the life cycle of sequoias in a very good and interesting way.

Although it was foggy we still decided to go and see Morro rock. All the views were lost on us because of the fogs. But it was still nice climb up the stairs in a white-white world.

View platform with not much to see:

And then it was time to move on.

Some useful linksTrail descriptions - https:…

King Canyon National Park

Originally we planned to go only to Sequoia National Park but King Canyon National Park is right next to Sequoia National Park. They even have the shared entrance passes - you can visit both parks with the same entrance fee.

In King Canyon National Park you can see the third largest tree in the world - General Grant.

We did a hike that started from General Grant. It was quite depressing to see lots of burnt trees.

The same day we also did a second hike - Big Baldy Ridge.

It offers beautiful views over the mountains and forests.

The higher we got the more snow there was on the ground.

Really threatening clouds started to gather in the sky. We were afraid there might be heavy rain or snow coming and decided to turn back before actually reaching to Big Baldy but it was still absolutely fantastic hike.

On the photo above you can see Big Baldy that we unfortunately didn't conquer.

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