I was looking for a nice town near Zürich to visit for a day and decided to visit Aarau. Aarau has quite a long history and pretty old town.

Aarau is located on river Aare. The old town is not directly on the river banks but you can see the river from there and there is a hydroelectric power plant on the river.

Power plant
I visited three museums. First one was Naturama. It's right next to the train station and as you can guess from the name it is the museum of natural history.

Unfortunately all the information there is in German but it's still nice place to visit with kids. Most of the exposition is pretty self-explanatory. My personal favorite was the timeline of fossils of different eras of Earth's history.

Aarau City Museum
The second museum I visited was Aarau City Museum. At the moment I was visiting they were changing some exhibitions so half the museum was closed for visitors but it was still a nice visit. Again, most of the information was in German. The history of the city was told through the lives of 100 people from the city.

Tin soldier production

More tin soldiers

Objects representing 100 people from Aarau's history
The third museum was Art Museum. It is focused on modern art and for a change all the texts had also English translations. For such small town the art museum is pretty big.

In short Aarau is a nice town to visit for a day but it is not a must-see place in Switzerland. If you are looking for a day out of Zürich and want to see a small and quiet lovely town then you could consider it. And all these painted houses are very pretty sight.

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