From Redwoods to Napa Valley

We spent the night in Eureka and started a drive from there to Napa Valley. I don't have any photos of that but we took the Avenue of Giants and this was amazing. Driving between giant trees and feeling really small.

First we headed to Glass Beach but it was actually a bit of disappointment. You can see the colorful glass pieces if you take a close look but from a distance it looks like any other beach. It is a nice beach and if you happen to be in a neighborhood then go and have a look. It's not worth a special drive, though.

For lunch we stopped at Mendocino. It's a lovely small coastal town. It's nice to walk along the Main street but you don't need to plan too much time for visiting. We had lunch at Trillium cafe and it was fantastic. Definitely recommended!

And then the drive through the vineyards started. Unfortunately there was quite heavy traffic and no options to pull over to take photos but it was a scenic drive!

We stayed at Napa in one small hotel and just went over to one winery to do the tasting. Napa as a town isn't actually anything special. It's rather the surrounding areas that are really nice to drive through.

Streets of Napa

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  1. Ma kogun merest leitud klaasi, mulle tundub see klaasi-rand küll väga äge. Ainult korjaks :D

    1. Millal USA-sse lähed? VÕib-olla saad ka rannikul väikse road-tripi teha? Anna enne minemist teada, siis saan sulle soovitusi anda, mida veel näha.

  2. Jaa, annan teada. Praegu ootan endiselt vastust LA haiglast, mis aeg neile sobiks.


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