King Canyon National Park

Originally we planned to go only to Sequoia National Park but King Canyon National Park is right next to Sequoia National Park. They even have the shared entrance passes - you can visit both parks with the same entrance fee.

In King Canyon National Park you can see the third largest tree in the world - General Grant.

We did a hike that started from General Grant. It was quite depressing to see lots of burnt trees.

The same day we also did a second hike - Big Baldy Ridge.

It offers beautiful views over the mountains and forests.

The higher we got the more snow there was on the ground.

Really threatening clouds started to gather in the sky. We were afraid there might be heavy rain or snow coming and decided to turn back before actually reaching to Big Baldy but it was still absolutely fantastic hike.

On the photo above you can see Big Baldy that we unfortunately didn't conquer.

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