Oregon Caves National Monument

Last stop in Oregon was at Oregon Caves National Monument. It may look on a map like quite close to the highway but actually you have to drive quite high up to the mountains with lots of turns and low speed. So make sure you have enough time! The drive itself is beautiful and there are quite a lot of picnic places on the way.

The cave tours can be booked online in advance which is probably advisable thing to do. We got there a little bit early and were able to actually join the earlier tour which still had room.

The story about how the caves were discovered was fascinating (a man with a dog during the hunting trip) and how the tourism started. Also how explosives were used in the past to connect the caves.

The caves themselves were not that impressive. The fact that lots of people have taken things from there as souvenirs (about 100 years ago) plays quite big part in that.  Still, if you haven't been to any other caves before then it's definitely worth visiting.

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