Redwoods National Park

Redwoods National Park was the highlight of the whole trip. I constantly felt like we have traveled back in time and in any moment a dinosaur will come out behind the tree.

We decided to walk James Irvine trail and go and see Fern Canyon that is in the end of this trail. The trail starts at Prairie Creek Visitor Center. When we returned from Fern Canyon then we used another trail to make a small loop. I can't remember if it was Clintonia trail or West Ridge trail.

Park website doesn't offer detailed maps and only very limited amount of trail descriptions. The best is to just go to the visitor center and ask some guidance from there.

We asked from the visitor center how to access James Irvine trail and got a good map from there. We also mentioned that we want to visit Fern Canyon. The ranger warned us that officially the trail is closed at the moment because of recent heavy rains but told us that we can still go. She warned that some signposts have been lost so we have to pay attention ourselves where and how to go.

It was quite a hike to get there, including crossing the river and some fallen trees but when we finally got there it was amazing - canyon walls covered with ferns.

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  1. I think I sent you some incense once of redwoods that I bought in Redwoods National Park - we had been visiting the avenue of the Giants -- that has to be seen to be believed.

    1. Yes, you did send it to me. And I agree about the avenue of Giants.

    2. Yes, you did send it to me. And I agree about the avenue of Giants.


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