Sequoia National Park

The day we visited Sequoia National Park happened to be very foggy. It was quite a drive uphill with almost no visibility at all occasionally. Once we got up there was a little less fog but still we missed all the views of the valley.

Of course we had to see the biggest tree in the world. There it is - General Sherman.

Quite close to General Sherman starts a nice small path called "The Big Trees Trail".

It is really nice walk and we even managed to see some other wildlife in addition to the birds.

It felt very mysterious to walk between these giant trees in a fog. I really liked the information boards that were explaining the life cycle of sequoias in a very good and interesting way.

Although it was foggy we still decided to go and see Morro rock. All the views were lost on us because of the fogs. But it was still nice climb up the stairs in a white-white world.

View platform with not much to see:

And then it was time to move on.

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