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Hike of five lakes

I think this is one of the most amazing hikes I've done in my whole life. The hike is called "Five lakes hike" and you can deduct from the name that is passes 5 lakes.

First you need to get to Wangs. From there you need to take a cable car up to the mountains to Pizol. The cable car is not cheap (around 40 franks full price). It has several stops on a way. We got of at the third stop at Pizolhütte. It took us about 4.5 hours and we ended at the second stop and took the cable car back down. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking now.


First, just in case - this post is about Baden in Switzerland and not about Baden-Baden in Germany :). Baden is very close to Zürich and it's surprisingly hilly. The elevation difference between the river and the main squares in old town is remarkable.

I started my visit by climbing up to the castle ruins. Unfortunately there are quite a lot of big construction works going on around the town so at the moment the view is not the nicest but still it was worth the climb.

Back down I had a walk around the old part of the town. Here are some views.

I also went to see the church. It's quite big and nice one.

All the old town is quite high compared to the river banks. There is actually an elevator that takes you down to the river. It is very nice walk under the trees along the river. You can also see not so typical fountain with statues that are obviously quite unhappy.

Baden was famous already during Roman times for its thermal water. Right now there are several spas and hotels but…

Wettingen Abbey

Wettingen is very close to Baden. So if you are visiting Baden, I recommend you to also make a stop at Wettingen. The monastery there is quite big. You can enter to the church and walk around in the gardens. There is also a culture walk along the river from Wettingen monastery to Baden.

The entrance to the church and gardens is free. There are also a cafe and a restaurant right next to the monastery.

And now it's time for some photos!

Some useful linksMonastery and its hotel's homepage: in Wikipedia: trail: trail in English:

Zürich Wilderness Park

If you are looking for a day activity with the kids around Zürich then you might consider Langnau Wildnispark. It's a little bit outside of Zürich but it's completely free.

They have native wild animals there on quite a big area. So you actually are lucky if you see all the animals. I managed to see about the half of the animals they have there - the other half was either sleeping or hiding. Be aware that you have to walk quite a lot there!

Definitely the most popular animals were the bears. They have a whole bear family there with two cubs and they don't mind fooling around in public. Below you can see a photo report of them :)

And just not to keep this post very bear-centered, here are some other animals as well.

Some useful linksLangnau Wildnispark -

Bodensee. Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen is on the other side of Lake Constance. Unfortunately it got quite damaged during the wars and there are not that many old buildings left. As a city I like Konstanz much more.

As you can see from the photos we were not very lucky with the weather and actually got a little bit rain during our stay. The more reason to visit the museums!

Friedrichshafen is famous for its zeppelin production and there is a big museum about it. It really is worth visiting but plan several hours for that! The museum gives an overview of the history of zeppelins, how they are produced and the coolest part is that they have created a reconstruction of some rooms of the largest zeppelin in the history. It really gives you a feeling how it was like to be in a zeppelin.

They also talk about space and astronauts and there is actual Red Bull Stratos on display.

The other museum that we visited was school museum. Unfortunately most of the information there is in German and in my opinion would need …