First, just in case - this post is about Baden in Switzerland and not about Baden-Baden in Germany :). Baden is very close to Zürich and it's surprisingly hilly. The elevation difference between the river and the main squares in old town is remarkable.

Castle ruins

I started my visit by climbing up to the castle ruins. Unfortunately there are quite a lot of big construction works going on around the town so at the moment the view is not the nicest but still it was worth the climb.

View from the ruins
Back down I had a walk around the old part of the town. Here are some views.

I also went to see the church. It's quite big and nice one.

Baden church

Baden church

Chapel next to the church
All the old town is quite high compared to the river banks. There is actually an elevator that takes you down to the river. It is very nice walk under the trees along the river. You can also see not so typical fountain with statues that are obviously quite unhappy.

Baden was famous already during Roman times for its thermal water. Right now there are several spas and hotels but it's also possible to get some experiences for free. If you continue walking along the river you end up at the foot bath where you can sit and let bath your feet in the thermal water. It was a hot summer day when I was there so I was the only crazy one sitting there. The water is quite hot.

Thermal foot bath
It would be very untypical of me if I didn't visit any museums. Of course I did it Baden as well. If you like late 19th century art then go to Museum Langmatt.

Museum Langmatt
It's not big, you can see it all in less than an hour but the building itself is very lovely and has a nice cafe and garden.

Museum Langmatt
I also visited history museum. I must say I really liked it. It consists of two parts - old one in a castle and then a new building. Buildings are connected to each other. In the castle every floor represents different era in the history of the castle and the city. On the photos below you can see a kitchen of medieval times and a kitchen from 1950-s. Most of the information in the castle is in German but they hand you a little brochure with some high-level English explanations as well.

Medieval kitchen

Kitchen from 1950-s. 
In the new part they have really incorporated modern technology and most of the information is equally in German and in English. You can use touch screens to read about the objects. The exhibition is mostly about the spa history of the town and it is interesting to see how the people spent their time there and how inventions for example in transport also changed the way people visited Baden. The part that I liked the most was movie theatre. The museum has made short slide shows of old photos. There are different topics, for example entertainment in spa resorts, health procedures etc. It was really fun to look at those old photos in such way. So if you visit Baden, don't miss the history museum.

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