Bodensee. Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen is on the other side of Lake Constance. Unfortunately it got quite damaged during the wars and there are not that many old buildings left. As a city I like Konstanz much more.

Rain is coming

As you can see from the photos we were not very lucky with the weather and actually got a little bit rain during our stay. The more reason to visit the museums!

Zeppelin Museum
Friedrichshafen is famous for its zeppelin production and there is a big museum about it. It really is worth visiting but plan several hours for that! The museum gives an overview of the history of zeppelins, how they are produced and the coolest part is that they have created a reconstruction of some rooms of the largest zeppelin in the history. It really gives you a feeling how it was like to be in a zeppelin.

Recreation area in a zeppelin

Sleeping cabins
They also talk about space and astronauts and there is actual Red Bull Stratos on display.

Red Bull Stratos
The other museum that we visited was school museum. Unfortunately most of the information there is in German and in my opinion would need some updates and modernisation but it was still interesting. Basically they show the school rooms from different eras and talk about the history of education.

This is what happens to bad behaving kids

Testing old-school writing supplies, literally

If you ask me if you should visit Friedrichshafen then I say why not. You probably don't need more than one day for that but the zeppelin museum is something really unique and the promenade along the lake is very nice. We didn't have much weather to enjoy it but still...

Here come some photos of how the city looks like.

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