Bodensee. Konstanz

Unfortunately we had only an afternoon to spend in Konstanz because for the night we had to reach to Friedrichshafen. Konstanz is beautiful! We will return there for sure in not so distant future.

We walked around in the city centre and I took quite a lot of photos. The city remained untouched in the Second World War. Therefore there are lots of old beautiful buildings.

Fountain on Münsterplatz
We went inside the cathedral and I must say that it was more impressive than Reichenau. It is really big. Below you can see some photos from the interior. I was quite fascinated by the frescoes.

Münster Unserer Lieben Frau

Heaven and hell

From Münster we headed to the the harbour to catch a catamaran to Friedrichshafen. On a way we saw this cute fountain.

View from the harbour

At the harbour you really can't miss this sensual and yet strong men carrying lady. At first I didn't notice it but it actually is turning around slowly. I was taking photos and then noticed that on every photo the statue is in a different position. What a cool idea!

As I already mentioned we took a catamaran to Friedrichshafen. Catamaran is the fastest way to get to Friedrichshafen, not the cheapest one though. You can also take a cheaper ferry that goes straight across the lake and then continue with a bus on the other side. This takes twice the time you spend with catamaran.

Park at the harbour

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