Bodensee. Reichenau

Couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend in Germany, at lake Constance or Bodensee as it's called here. It's just an hour away from Zürich and really nice area. We went by bus which is very nice cheap alternative to the train.

First, we visited Reichenau monastery island. It's Unesco World Heritage site. The whole island is very agricultural and has lots of greenhouses which in my opinion ruin the views a little bit.

We took a bus there and the bus stops at the museum. Therefore we started from a museum. It shows the history of the island (all in German only) and the history of the monastery (also in English).

Inside Reichenau museum
Just couple of minutes walking and you get to the monastery. I must say that after visiting St Gallen's monastery a year ago this one was a little bit of a disappointment. It's not that there's nothing to see but St Gallen's monastery is much more impressive. If you have to choose which monastery to visit in this region, then go for St Gallen.

Now some photos of the monastery.

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