Hike of five lakes

I think this is one of the most amazing hikes I've done in my whole life. The hike is called "Five lakes hike" and you can deduct from the name that is passes 5 lakes.

First you need to get to Wangs. From there you need to take a cable car up to the mountains to Pizol. The cable car is not cheap (around 40 franks full price). It has several stops on a way. We got of at the third stop at Pizolhütte. It took us about 4.5 hours and we ended at the second stop and took the cable car back down. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking now.

View in the beginning

Start of the hike


More flora
Impressive views
Same lake as on the first photo
When you look carefully, you can spot some fauna
More lakes

Same lake as on the previous photo

Popular trail

Activities for bored hikers

Mandatory cow photo

Local beauty

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