Lauterbrunnen is a valley that is famous for its waterfalls - 72 is the total number of waterfalls over there. It's not possible to see them all in one day and probably some of them are really small but we saw the most famous ones.

First waterfall that you see when you arrive to Lauterbrunnen village, is Staubbach waterfall. It's high and you can see it right behind the houses.


There's a small trail that enables you to go behind the waterfall. Be aware that you can get a little bit wet.

Closer look to Staubbach

Behind the waterfall
We continued to walk along the route and saw some smaller waterfalls on a way.

Our main destination was Trümmelbach waterfall. There you have to pay the entrance fee. It's an impressive site where you can see the power of water and how it has found its way through the rocks. You will walk inside the rock and it's good to have some warmer clothes with you because it's quite chilly there.

My photos don't do the justice. It's quite dark inside and not possible to fit the whole thing into your frame. Better is to check it out in person.

After that we took a cable car up to the mountains. We started our little hike from Mürren which is a lovely mountain village but also quite touristic I must say.



From Mürren we walked to Grütschalp and took a cable car back down. It is a beautiful hike and it's quite flat. So you don't have to be extremely fit to be able to do it. Below are some views from the hike.

Old trains that are actually operating and that you can take instead of walking

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