Thun region. Hike to Sigriswil

Be aware of the Swiss cows!
My boyfriend is originally from Thun. Therefore we go to this area quite often. Thun is a beautiful old town and I will write about it in near future. It's located in the middle of the mountains at Lake Thun and is therefore an ideal starting point for hiking and skiing.

Couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend there and did one-day hike to Sigriswil. There is a hiking route that goes all around the lake. That would take several days to complete the whole hike. We decided to start from Thun and go to Sigriswil.

The whole route is very well sign-posted. There was only one spot where we were not sure how to continue but in the end actually both options would have worked.

Ok, and now to the hike.

We started from the centre of Thun.

Thun city hall
... and then continued for a little bit along the lake.

Scherzligen church


Pretty soon the route started to go uphill. I must say in a summer heat it was quite exhausting.

We were very happy when we finally got to the shade of trees.

The path continued in the forest for several kilometres. When we finally exited the forest the views were beautiful.

The main reason why we took this section of the whole hike was the suspension bridge of Sigriswil. It's a long bridge where you have beautiful views of mountains and the lake. It costs 8 CHF to cross it. I took some panoramic photos. Click to enlarge them.

Sigriswil bridge

From Sigriswil we went down to the lake to Gunten to have a swim and then took a bus back to Thun.

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