Thun region. Oberhofen

The next day after the hike I wrote about in my previous post turned out to be very relaxing. It was Sunday morning and there are concerts organized in Oberhofen castle on Sunday mornings. We took a boat from Thun to Oberhofen and it was a lovely trip.

We arrived about an hour before the castle was opened and as it was already very warm, we had a quick swim in the lake. The water in Lake Thun is quite cold because it gets the water from the mountains.

The concert ticket also included the museum ticket of the castle. After the concert we walked inside and around the castle. The castle looks more impressive outside than inside. The exposition inside is mainly about the history and owners of the castle. The text are all available in English. For me there were too many texts, though. After some time you get tired of reading it all.

And now some photos of the castle.

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