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Kyburg castle

Kyburg castle is located quite close to Zürich and even closer to Winterthur. It proudly mentions that it is the first castle museum in Switzerland and has also received some museum awards.

Kyburg village itself is very small but absolutely charming. There are couple of restaurants in the village and a small church, plus there are forest hiking trails starting right next to the castle.

Be aware that there is no food nor drinks available in the castle. There are also signs forbidding you to bring your own food.

Most of the information in the castle is also available in English. Plan about 2 hours to walk the whole castle through. There is also a nice small medieval style garden. I wouldn't say this castle is a definite must-see but if you are anyway in the area then go and check it out. You definitely will not be disappointed. And now some photos.

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Viamala and surroundings. Hike through the alps from Obertschappina

The next morning we took a bus from Thusis to Obertschappina. Above you see the view from where we got off the bus. Thusis is in a valley. We gained quite an elevation with the bus.

Then we started to follow the yellow signs of the hiking route. The original plan was to hike to Urmein and take the bus back from there. Later we decided to walk the whole way down back to the valley.

In the beginning of the hike you continue going up. The grass was occasionally quite wet so it's better to have waterproof shoes.

The hike we took was advertised as a hike where you can see the lakes and even swim in them. In reality it's not the case. The lakes are much smaller than you would think seeing the photos on the hike description page and they are really not accessible for swimming.

I took a lot of flower photos but I will add only one here to the end of the post here.

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Viamala and surroundings. The last part of the hike - arriving to Thusis

The last part of the hike is mainly going down. It can be quite steep so don't do it when it's already dark outside :)

The main highlights of that part of the hike are suspension bridge...

... and Hohen Rätien castle. You can go in to the castle but we didn't do it because there was a music festival going on at the same time.

Quite quickly you then arrive to Thusis. Thusis itself doesn't have much to offer. There is a train station, a bus station, couple of restaurants and that is pretty much it. The whole village burnt down once and therefore there aren't many old buildings. On the other hand it's very good spot for accessing all the hiking routes. We spent a night there and the next day did another hike.

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Viamala and surroundings. Hike along the river

The hike from Zillis to Viamala offers very nice views, especially when you reach to the river. On a way you can also see many small waterfalls.

First amazing sight at the river is where the small suspension bridge is:

The water is tempting there but the signs warn you not to get to the water. There is a dam nearby that is sometimes opened without any warning.

Then you continue the hike and reach to the highlight - Viamala. It's a deep canyon with a river in the bottom.

First you have to share the road with the cars a little bit:

And then you see it:

The building on top of the photo is a visitor center. You need to get a ticket there and then you walk all the way down to the bottom on the stairs until you reach to the viewing platform. Here is a closeup of the viewing platform:

The sound of the water is really loud. And you have absolutely amazing views all the way. So I'll end my post with some of the photos I took on those stairs and viewing platform.

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Viamala and surroundings. Overview and Zillis

Couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend at Beverin Nature Park. Our agenda was following:

Day 1
Arrived at Zillis.
Hiked from Zillis to Thusis via Viamala.
Spent a night in Thusis.

Day 2
Took a bus to Obertschappina.
Hiked from Obertschappina to Cazis.
Took a bus to Chur, visited art museum there.

So I'm going to start from Zillis. It's a small village but its definite highlight is St Martin church. would say it's a must see. There is also a small museum nearby explaining the church but unfortunately all the information there is in German and Italian.

As you can see the church is quite small but what makes it special is its ceiling. In the museum they claim that the ceiling is really unique. Now you probably want to know what's so special about this ceiling. Basically it's like a comic book of Bible and also about the lives of the saints that were considered important in the village.

There are mirrors available so that you can look at the ceiling without hurting your…