Kyburg castle

Kyburg castle is located quite close to Zürich and even closer to Winterthur. It proudly mentions that it is the first castle museum in Switzerland and has also received some museum awards.

Kyburg village

Kyburg village itself is very small but absolutely charming. There are couple of restaurants in the village and a small church, plus there are forest hiking trails starting right next to the castle.

Kyburg village
Be aware that there is no food nor drinks available in the castle. There are also signs forbidding you to bring your own food.

Court yard
Most of the information in the castle is also available in English. Plan about 2 hours to walk the whole castle through. There is also a nice small medieval style garden. I wouldn't say this castle is a definite must-see but if you are anyway in the area then go and check it out. You definitely will not be disappointed. And now some photos.

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