Viamala and surroundings. Hike along the river

The hike from Zillis to Viamala offers very nice views, especially when you reach to the river. On a way you can also see many small waterfalls.

Small waterfall

First amazing sight at the river is where the small suspension bridge is:

The water is tempting there but the signs warn you not to get to the water. There is a dam nearby that is sometimes opened without any warning.

Then you continue the hike and reach to the highlight - Viamala. It's a deep canyon with a river in the bottom.

First you have to share the road with the cars a little bit:

And then you see it:

The building on top of the photo is a visitor center. You need to get a ticket there and then you walk all the way down to the bottom on the stairs until you reach to the viewing platform. Here is a closeup of the viewing platform:

The sound of the water is really loud. And you have absolutely amazing views all the way. So I'll end my post with some of the photos I took on those stairs and viewing platform.

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