Viamala and surroundings. Hike through the alps from Obertschappina

The next morning we took a bus from Thusis to Obertschappina. Above you see the view from where we got off the bus. Thusis is in a valley. We gained quite an elevation with the bus.

Then we started to follow the yellow signs of the hiking route. The original plan was to hike to Urmein and take the bus back from there. Later we decided to walk the whole way down back to the valley.

View back to Obertschappina
In the beginning of the hike you continue going up. The grass was occasionally quite wet so it's better to have waterproof shoes.

Ski lifts in summer

Lonely house
The hike we took was advertised as a hike where you can see the lakes and even swim in them. In reality it's not the case. The lakes are much smaller than you would think seeing the photos on the hike description page and they are really not accessible for swimming.

I took a lot of flower photos but I will add only one here to the end of the post here.

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