Viamala and surroundings. The last part of the hike - arriving to Thusis

The last part of the hike is mainly going down. It can be quite steep so don't do it when it's already dark outside :)

The main highlights of that part of the hike are suspension bridge...

... and Hohen Rätien castle. You can go in to the castle but we didn't do it because there was a music festival going on at the same time.

Quite quickly you then arrive to Thusis. Thusis itself doesn't have much to offer. There is a train station, a bus station, couple of restaurants and that is pretty much it. The whole village burnt down once and therefore there aren't many old buildings. On the other hand it's very good spot for accessing all the hiking routes. We spent a night there and the next day did another hike.

Thusis and surrounding mountains.

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