Viamala and surroundings. Overview and Zillis

Couple of weeks ago we spent a weekend at Beverin Nature Park. Our agenda was following:

Day 1
Arrived at Zillis.
Hiked from Zillis to Thusis via Viamala.
Spent a night in Thusis.

Day 2
Took a bus to Obertschappina.
Hiked from Obertschappina to Cazis.
Took a bus to Chur, visited art museum there.

So I'm going to start from Zillis. It's a small village but its definite highlight is St Martin church. would say it's a must see. There is also a small museum nearby explaining the church but unfortunately all the information there is in German and Italian.

As you can see the church is quite small but what makes it special is its ceiling. In the museum they claim that the ceiling is really unique. Now you probably want to know what's so special about this ceiling. Basically it's like a comic book of Bible and also about the lives of the saints that were considered important in the village.

There are mirrors available so that you can look at the ceiling without hurting your neck too much. You can see people using those mirrors on the photo below.

As you saw from the agenda we started our first day hike from Zillis. So to give you an idea how the area looks like, I'm ending the post with some photos.

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