Alsace. Colmar

I've reached to my last post about Alsace. The trip started and ended in Colmar. Colmar has really nice old city center which is full of tourists. We spent there a day and it was enough. You can see pretty much everything there is in a day. So what did we see?

Covered market
When we arrived we first went to see the market because it's not open every day. The building looks really nice from the outside and is surrounded by the water.  Inside you can find lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, some cheese, meat products and fish. There are also couple of small cafes offering lunch.

Sculptor who is the author of Liberty statue is from Colmar. We visited his museum. It's quite small but interesting because for many works they have also his sketches on display and you can see how the idea developed. That was really fascinating.

Bartholdi museum
Next to the museum is Saint Martin Church. It's quite huge and has a nice mosaic roof.

Saint Martin Church

Saint Martin Church
The canals of Colmar are just nice. There's even an area called Little Venice.

House of Heads
And I can't end this post without sharing one more restaurant sign.

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