Alsace. Hunawihr and Ribeauville


Hunawihr is a small old village very close to Kientzheim. It's quiet and not very touristic.

School gate in Hunawihr
You can just walk a little bit around but don't need to plan too much time for a visit. Village's main attraction is the old fortified church.

Hunawihr church
From Hunawihr we continued to Ribeauville. Ribeauville is much bigger and there you can meet more tourists. It's not as crowded of tourists as Kaysersberg. As you can see the gingerbread theme continues:

Canals, flowers and old colorful houses:

From the town you can see the castle ruins. It's Saint-Ulrich castle. We didn't go up there though.

On the main square there was really nice book exchange set up:

And here is the most famous site of Ribeauville - its clock tower: