Alsace. Kientzheim and Kaysersberg

Kientzheim is a small charming village where we stayed. It's conveniently located very close to all the more famous old villages and towns. Kaysersberg which is one of the most touristic towns in the area is just 2 km away.

Kientzheim charmed me from the very first sight. Old houses, narrow streets and small water canals. Hardly any tourists compared to all the other villages.

There is not much to do in Kientzheim itself, although there is one museum but if you like to bike or hike then it is a good place to start your days.

View to Kaysersberg
As I already said it's only 2 km to Kaysersberg. It's quite amazing that only with 2 km you get from peace and quiet to a town full of tourists.

Kaysersberg town hall

Gingerbread house
Gingerbreads are one of the local specialties that  you can get all year around. And as you can see there are even houses that look like gingerbread houses.

Inside the church

One fun thing to do in this whole area is to look at the signs of small businesses. They are really creative and self-explanatory.

We climbed to the castle ruins and it's a nice view from there.

View from castle ruins. 

View from castle ruins
There's Albert Schweitzer's museum in Kaysersberg but we didn't go there. We did visit a temporary art exhibition though.

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