Couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend in Alsace. We took a bus from Zürich to Colmar and from there rented bikes to get around. It was very nice and relaxing way of getting around because there is quite good bike route network between vineyards. There are hills so occasionally it takes quite a lot of effort to go further.

Here is the agenda:

Day 1
Arrived to Colmar.
Had lunch in Colmar and then biked to Kientzheim where we stayed at a lovely bed&breakfast.
Kientzheim and Kaysersberg.

Day 2
Biked from Kientzberg to Saint-Hippolyte and back.
On the way made stops at:

  • Hunawihr
  • Ribeauville
  • Bergheim
  • Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg
  • Riquewihr
Day 3
Biked back to Colmar.
On the way passed by:
  • Katzenthal
  • Turckheim
Did some sightseeing in Colmar and took the bus back to Zürich. 

I will write more about all the visited places. In short I really liked the area - little medieval towns and villages, endless vineyards, hills, castles, good food, wine and nice weather. What more could you ask for?

And here is one cat enjoying another nice day in Alsace:

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