Freiburg. Day 1

Two weeks ago I spent a weekend in Freiburg. The main goal was to visit the opera theater there. The first day the weather was so nice that I decided to just walk around the city and leave all the museums for Sunday. Which turned out to be really good decision because it was raining on Sunday - so perfect museum weather.

I arrived quite early on Saturday morning and first headed to the Saturday market. It's really nice with all the farmers selling their fresh produce.

The market is held on the cathedral square. The cathedral is really big.

And one photo from inside:

Colorful houses
 Freiburg has two city gates with the towers. Believe it or not but a tram fits through this gate.

Because the weather was so nice I decided to go to the botanical garden. It is actually quite small and all the greenhouses were closed. The entrance to the botanical garden is free.

Botanical garden
Botanical garden

Botanical garden
Then I went to the big park called Seepark. It's around an artificial lake and seems a very popular place for locals to do sports, just walk or have a picnic. There is a view platform wits very nice view over the park:

View platform


Saturday ended with a visit to the opera. I was a little bit surprised that they had surtitles in German only. I hadn't seen Verdi's Jerusalem before so I googled it's synopsis during the intermission to understand what exactly is going on. The performance itself was really good.

I also visited very nice brewery  - Hausbrauerei Feierling.

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