Freiburg. Day 2

Second day in Freiburg was rainy so I spent the whole day visiting the museums. You can get a combined ticket that gives you entrance to 5 museums and it actually is possible to visit all of them in one day because most of them are quite small. 

I started with Augustinermuseum which is the biggest museum and still under construction to be expanded further. I liked this one the most. It mainly displays religious art but it's showcased on very nice and interesting way and you don't feel overwhelmed. They also have plenty of English texts. 

At Augustinermuseum
Near to Augustinermuseum are Museum of New Art and Nature Museum. I didn't take photos in those but Museum of New Art was nice small art museum. I recommend visiting it. Nature Museum is mostly for kids and there are lots of them running around there. Museum of New Art had English texts available. Nature Museum has unfortunately everything in German only.

Wetzingerhaus - part of Augustinermuseum
Archeological museum is located a little bit further from the other museums but the building is really nice. All the texts are in German only but it's worth to see the building. The collection itself doesn't have anything particularly special or spectacular.

Colombischlössle Archeological Museum

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