Christmas time in Vienna

Vienna in Christmas time is like one big Christmas market. Streets are filled with smell of punch, mulled wine and sweet pastry. There are many big Christmas markets but also smaller ones. We went to Vienna just for a weekend but actually there's so much to see in Vienna that one weekend isn't enough.

A must-see and must-do is definitely big ice rink at near town hall. We went there in the morning as soon as it opened and then it was pleasantly empty. When we finished skating it really started to fill up.

On Saturday evening we went to Vienna English theater. They call themselves English Lovers and do improvised comedy sketches. It was really good. I booked tickets several weeks before because the tickets sell out very quickly.

We decided to skip the palaces and visit museums and churches instead. First museum was Haus der Musik - House of Music. If you like classical music then this is a definite must-see. The museum is quite big and has several themes - history of Vienna Philharmonics, famous composers from Vienna and sonosphere. Sonosphere is interactive exhibition where you can learn about different aspects of sound. It is really interesting but requires some knowledge of physics. Therefore I wouldn't recommend this museum to small children.

Second museum we visited was Leopold Museum. It has the best collection of Egon Schiele's work. I didn't know much about his life before but the museum does really good job in giving an interesting overview.

Museums Quartier

Inside Leopold Museum

Third museum we visited was MAK - Museum of Applied Arts. The building itself is already worth visiting but the exhibitions were really interesting as well. I liked how they presented chairs from different eras. You can see it on the photo below. Basically you see the shadows of the chairs when you walk into the room and to see the chairs you have to go behind the white cloth.

Chair display at MAK
There are lots of churches in Vienna and they all look quite different. The most surprising for me was that the former royal church looks quite plain both inside and outside. The most decorated church is definitely St Peter's Catholic Church.



Augustinerkirche - former royal church

St Peter

St Peter

St Stephen
I will finish my post with some city views. As you can see we had both - sun and rain.  I will definitely want to go back to Vienna!

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