Meersburg is a nice medieval town at Lake Konstanz. It's right across the lake from the city of Konstanz. There are car ferries going between the two in every 15 minutes.

At the moment it's really crowded in Konstanz because lots of Swiss people are doing their Christmas shopping there and there's also a Christmas market. As soon as we arrived to Meersburg it was nicely quiet and tourist-free. I guess the main reason is that there is no Christmas market in Meersburg but I must say it was really nice change of scenery after going through the crowded Konstanz.

The main attractions in Meersburg are two castles (old and new) and spa. We visited all three. Spa is small and would require some renovation but overall impression was still nice.

The castles used to be the residences of the bishop. They are located next to each other but unfortunately there's no joint ticket. Old castle had most of the information in German only. New castle had everything in English as well. There are temporary exhibitions in the new castle. At the time we visited there was an exhibition of two German artists who create comic books but also satirical pictures for newspapers and magazines. The exhibition was very well done. It was not allowed to take photos inside the new castle. That's the reason why there are no interior photos in this post.

And now some town views.

Entrance to the old castle

Inside the old castle

View from the old castle

Square in front of new castle
New castle

View towards the old castle

Going down to the lake

Lake promenade

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