25 Fontes and Risco waterfall hike

Mossy trees
25 Waterfalls and Risco waterfall hikes have the same starting point. After about 1 km the trail splits into two. We went first to see the 25 waterfalls and then also Risco waterfall. It was good that we started quite early in the morning. Later the organized tour groups arrived and it got quite crowded. The problem is that the trail is narrow and it is quite annoying if you need to let the whole group pass. The trail that goes to Risco waterfall is wider so there's no problem there but 25 waterfalls hike is better with less people around.

We parked our car to the parking lot and then descended along the road until the beginning of the hike. When you get to the levada (water channel) then the surface is pretty much flat. Later you of course need to go back up again. In general I would still consider it quite easy hike. Doing both hikes took us in total about 3 hours (starting and ending at the parking lot).

Details are available here: http://www.walkmeguide.com/en/madeira/trail/26/rabacal-levada-das-25-fontes-e-risco-pr6/

View from the parking lot
Risco waterfall in the distance 

Destination of 25 waterfalls hike

Destination of 25 waterfalls hike

Risco waterfall