Madeira. Levada do Norte

Levada do Norte is probably one of the most beautiful levadas in Madeira. The house where we were staying had really nice book: 50 Madeira walks (it's for example available here). For the rest of the hikes we did, we followed the suggestions of this book. And this hike was called "Botanical hike" and lush it really was. In January most of the plants were not in bloom so I can only imagine how spectacular it looks during the right season.

We started from a small cafe near Paul da Serra (close to the crossings of ER209 and ER110), walked until the waterfall and then back. It took in total about 1.5 hours.

There is a tunnel that you need to pass through in this walk and it's quite long one. You definitely need a flashlight and if you are walking with a group then everyone should have their individual flashlight. The tunnel is high enough to stand but you should still mind your head and it's better to wear a hat or a hood in case you hit your head. You can't pass by when you are in the tunnel so make sure the tunnel is empty before you enter.

And now some photos.

Our turning point