Orlando in one day

Disney Springs
Recently I was on a business trip to Orlando, Florida. I was there only for couple of days but had luckily the whole Saturday to see the area. What can I say about Orlando? If you are not a big Disney fan then there's really no reason why you should go there. The whole area is full of different Disney-related parks.

You can probably guess that I don't fall into Disney fan category. But since I was already there I tried to find other things to do. I did go to Disney Springs one evening. It is an area with bars, restaurants, shops, cinemas and other entertainment. Below are some photos.

The only alligator I saw during my trip (unfortunately a fake one)

What did I do on Saturday? I decided to go to Orlando Art Museum and to Harry P. Leu Gardens. They are located quite close to each other (about 30 minutes walking). Also, around the art museum there is a nice walking trail that guides you to the Botanical Gardens but I didn't have enough time to go there.

Art Museum
It took me a little bit more than an hour to go through the museum. They have quite good collection of 17th to 19th century American art, plus temporary exhibitions. If you are in the area then I definitely recommend to go but I wouldn't go to Orlando especially for the art museum.

Very close to the art museum is a smaller museum - The Mennello Museum of American Art. It is really small. It takes less than 30 minutes to see it all but they have nice small garden around the building where you can relax.

The Mennello Museum

The Mennello Museum
Harry P Leu was a lot into traveling and collecting plants, especially camellias. The garden mainly has a huge collection of different camellias but also other exotic plants. For kids there are life-size dinosaur sculptures here and there in the garden with some informative boards next to them. You can also visit the house with a guided tour. The house is kept in 1930-s style and the guide does really good job in explaining what you see and also the history of the estate. In total I spent there about 2.5 hours. In the heat of the day the trees offer nice shade and there are plenty of benches where you can just sit and relax. I wouldn't say that this was the most spectacular garden I've visited but it was still nice and relaxing way to spend time.