Swiss Cantons Challenge. Zug

Lake Zug

A week ago we decided to add one more canton to my "Visited cantons" list. We decided to go to Zug because there was a carnival (Fasnacht) in a small town called Baar. Baar is located right next to the capital of the canton which is also called Zug. The first half of the day we spent in Zug and then walked to Baar to see the carnival.

It was a perfect sunny day. The sun was so bright that it was impossible to see the other side of the lake and the mountains that are supposed to be there. The water in the lake is so clear that it amazed me.

In the modern part of Zug there's not much to see and it didn't impress me much. The older part is very nice.

Zug tower
We visited Zug Kunsthaus (art museum) which displays the works of local artists and Zug castle. there is a museum in the castle that features the history of the castle itself and the history of the city. There are some touch screens with English text but lot of information is unfortunately available only in German. Still, it was a nice visit. You can see everything within an hour.

Zug castle

Zug castle

Old pharmacy in Zug castle

Zug castle

Zug old town

Zug old town
There are some more museums in Zug so you can easily find activities for the whole day. I liked the lakeside the most though.

Lake Zug and some kids having a picnic

Carnival in Baar

Baar is about 5 km from Zug and we just followed the hiking route to walk there. Of course you can also use public transport. Not every canton in Switzerland celebrates carnival. For example, in Zürich it's not celebrated. 

Carnivals take place in many towns but not at the same time. The whole season lasts about a month. There are "carnival societies" in all those towns (several per town) who prepare for the next carnival the whole year. They all wear the same costume and since it would be a pity to just wear it for one carnival, they travel around in Switzerland from one carnival to the other. In Baar there were several groups even from Germany. 

There are live music performances, hot wine and punch, raclette, sausages and other street food. The highlight is the parade where all those carnival societies can show off their year-long efforts. There are lot of people coming to see it and the paraders really enjoy it as much as they can. This also includes bullying the audience a little bit. For example hitting them with brooms or other devices. I got hit several times and one witch also put some confetti into my boots. 

And now some photos:

Tough Swiss men who are not afraid of cold