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This will probably be my last post this season about the Swiss ski resorts. From the three resorts I've visited, Laax is definitely the biggest. we had a company winter event there and I joined the winter walk activity.

Laax is on much higher altitude than Klosters and you can really feel it - the temperatures are much lower and the wind can be really chilly, especially if you are riding on an open ski lift. So be prepared!

The views were really magnificent and there are many restaurants up on the slopes, some of which were very crowded though. We went up using gondolas and also hiked about on hour, had lunch and then walked down for about 2.5 hours. Unfortunately I don't know which trail we exactly took because we had a guide with us. Walking with a guide was really great experience because he was explaining how  the climate change has impacted the area, different geological formations and the traditional lifestyle in Graubünden mountains. If you ever have a chance, then us…

Winter wonderland in Klosters

Klosters is a ski resort next to Davos. It's much bigger than Braunwald that I visited a week before. Again, I went for a snowshoe hike. There are no official snowshoe hikes starting from Klosters. The official snowshoe hiking trails are accessible from Dörfli. You can find the resort map here.

I went to the tourist info and they recommended me to just go along the winter hike trail from Klosters to Schifer. And this is what I did. At least in the beginning. Soon I decided that since I do have snowshoes I should actually use them and I decided to follow a summer hiking trail.

In the beginning it was all very nice but then the trail merged into a ski trail and I couldn't go further on it. Instead of walking the same way back I decided to keep the elevation I had gained and go back to the winter hike trail over the snowy hillsides.

 Soon I faced streams and steep hill sides where it was impossible to get through. So I ended up doing a really big round and there were section…