Winter wonderland in Klosters

Klosters is a ski resort next to Davos. It's much bigger than Braunwald that I visited a week before. Again, I went for a snowshoe hike. There are no official snowshoe hikes starting from Klosters. The official snowshoe hiking trails are accessible from Dörfli. You can find the resort map here.


I went to the tourist info and they recommended me to just go along the winter hike trail from Klosters to Schifer. And this is what I did. At least in the beginning. Soon I decided that since I do have snowshoes I should actually use them and I decided to follow a summer hiking trail.

Winter hike trail

In the beginning it was all very nice but then the trail merged into a ski trail and I couldn't go further on it. Instead of walking the same way back I decided to keep the elevation I had gained and go back to the winter hike trail over the snowy hillsides.

Hiking off-road
Soon I faced streams and steep hill sides where it was impossible to get through. So I ended up doing a really big round and there were sections where I really had to climb on all fours :)
In the end everything ended up well but unless you are very adventurous spirit I wouldn't recommend it :)

When going down I followed a summer biking route and that was really nice. I ended up in Serneus and took a bus back to Klosters.

View from biking trail

Cute houses in Serneus