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A day in Solothurn

I can mark next canton in my Swiss canton challenge as done - Solothurn. If you appreciate the mix of history, charming old buildings and closeness of nature then Solothurn is a place to go. Although I spent there only one day, the city managed to completely charm me.

I visited Solothurn on Saturday which happened to be a market day (market ended around noon). The street where the market takes place was really crowded. Mainly it was farmers selling their fresh produce, cheese and meat but also flowers and plants to the gardeners.

The most prominent site in the town is definitely the cathedral. It's impressively big for such small town. And you can get up to its tower. This is a definite must-do. The views from above are gorgeous! The first photo of this post is also taken from the tower.

If you walk around the old town, you can see several fountains and also interesting small details. Here some of my discoveries:

Of course I visited some museums as well. The first museum I visite…

Weekend in Belfort, France

Occasionally we like to do weekend getaways to somewhere nearby, either in France or Germany. We prefer places where you can go by either train or bus, instead of flying. This time we chose Belfort.

Belfort's main landmarks are the citadel and the huge lion statue in front of it. The author of the lion statue is Bartholdy - the same man who create the Statue of Liberty. Other than that, there's really not much to see or do. You can see it all in couple of hours. There are some small museums for which you can get a combined ticket for 5 euros but the only one worth visiting is the small modern art museum.

There is one group of people for whom Belfort is probably very fascinating place - people interested in military history. The citadel is impressive even for non-military fans like me. 
So what did we do those 2 days? We walked around in the citadel, visited museums, ate very well (it's asparagus and morel season at the moment) and then took a bus to the outskirts of the t…