After hiking around Schwarzsee we went to check out the capital of the Fribourg canton - also called Fribourg. Fribourg is said to be one of the best preserved medieval towns in Switzerland.

We started our visit from visiting Magdalena hermitage a little bit outside the city. There is a parking spot in Räsch where a short trail starts to the hermitage. You just need to follow the signs "Einsiedelei".

Magdalena hermitage
What you see are the caves carved into a sand stone by two hermits. The visit will not take much time but is definitely worth it. There is information available with floor plan but it is unfortunately only in German.

Inside the caves

From there we continued our trip to see the monasteries of Fribourg. There are several still operating monasteries there. Visitors can enter to the churches. We started from Montorge monastery from where you have a fantastic view over the city.

View from Montorge monastery

Chapelle de la Lorette

 From there we continued to La Maigrauge Abbey. The church there is really old and simple.

La Maigrauge Abbey
Later we also visited the convent of Cordeliers. From La Maigrauge Abbey we walked to the Fribourg cathedral. It is a beautiful cathedral and you can also climb the tower. Be aware that it is quite a climb!

Fribourg cathedral

View from the cathedral tower
We also visited Gutenberg Museum but you really have to be into the printing technology to enjoy it. Plus, they don't have any information in English there. Everything is in German and French only.

In general Fribourg is a nice city to walk around. You have to be ready to climb up and down a lot. The city is quite small so one day is enough to see it all.

Streets of Fribourg

Going up and down

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