Germany. Hiking in Black Forest

Black Forest or Schwarzwald is a place full of mystery and legends. There are numerous fairy tales and horror stories about it. The massive forest has scared people for centuries. But don't let all of that put you off. It is actually a wonderful area for hiking.

Old watermill in Ravenna Gorge

We hiked through the Ravenna Gorge. The route is described here. To get there we took a train from Freiburg to Hinterzarten. In the end we extended the hike and went to Titisee where we had ice cream as a reward and took a train back to Freiburg from there.

Old stone bridge

You can see a lot during this hike - old saw mills in Spoon Valley, glass blowers workshop with an opportunity to actually see the glass blowing, cuckoo clocks workshop (right next to the glass blowing), beautiful walk along Ravenna river, farmlands and forest. Titisee where we ended our hike is very touristic with many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops but with sunny weather it's nice to sit in an outdoor cafe and relax a bit. If you don't like masses of tourists, it's totally ok to skip it though. And now some photos.

Old cabin

Water mill

Cuckoo clocks

Railway bridge and the hanging hill

Ravenna gorge

Ravenna gorge

Church in Breitnau



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