Hiking around Schwarzsee

If you are looking for a hike that has nice mountain views but doesn't require much effort (read: going up and down) then hiking around Schwarzsee (Black Lake) is a good option. The hike is about 4 km and you can see the mountains, the lake, forest and also traces of beavers (dams and fallen trees).

For me there was another benefit as well - I could mark Fribourg canton as done in my Swiss Cantons Challenge.

We added a little side tour and went to see a waterfall that was signposted. At the moment with all the melting snow the waterfall is quite impressive. Probably during summer it will not be as spectacular.

The only tricky thing about Schwarzsee is getting there. In winter time it's a ski resort which means it's quite high up. There is no railway going there. The road that goes there passes by small villages and although the distance isn't long, you can't drive very fast on this road. Still, going through all those villages is also very nice and offers some nice views.

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