Kartause Ittingen and Frauenfeld

Gardens of Ittingen Monastery - this is where the produce for the restaurant is coming from

I have visited another canton from my cantons challenge list - Thurgau. The destination in Thurgau was Ittingen Monasterz (Kartause Ittingen) which is not an active monastery anymore, but has a hotel, restaurant and two museums.

Church of the monastery

Museums are integrated with each other. One displays the history of the monastery and how the monks lived there. The other one is an art museum, displaying modern art.

Monastery church

Nice details on the door

Bed in monk's chamber

You can get English audio guide which gives general information about the church and also about the history of the monastery.


The restaurant is quite special - they try to use as much as possible from their own gardens and from 5 km radius. They also brew their own beer and make their own wine. The restaurant is extremely popular. We were lucky to get a table without a reservation.

Monks cloisters from the outside

I can really recommend the restaurant and the beer (didn't try the wine). The church is also really worth seeing. The art displayed had rather questionable value but this is just my opinion. You need about 1-2 hours to go through the museums. The gardens around the monastery building are nice but the area is not that big. You can walk through it in less than 30 minutes.

Ittingen from the distance

From Ittingen we walked to Frauenfeld along the hike route. The path is very easy - it is totally flat and it takes about an hour to cover this distance.


Frauenfeld is the capital of the canton but it's quite small town. There are some streets with nice old buildings but you can see similar buildings in other Swiss towns in much larger scale.

Streets in Frauenfeld

We also went to the Frauenfeld castle that now hosts a history museum. Unfortunately everything there is in German only but I still found the exhibition interesting, plus the visit is free.

Inside Frauenfeld castle

Inside Frauenfeld castle

What's my summary? If you pass by anyway then go and see those places but I don't consider either of the places as must-sees in Switzerland. Compared to the most of Switzerland this area is very flat. Therefore I can imagine that it's perfect for biking around. There are many small old villages that we saw from the train window and also lot of wine fields. So it could be quite scenic area for biking trips.

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