Conquering Kanisfluh

Kanisfluh (2044 m) is a mountain known for its special shape. To get there we took a bus from Bregenz to Mellau and then went up to Roßstelle mountain station (1395 m) by cable car.

Restaurant at the cable car station
From there we started to hike. We still had to go 650 meters higher. It had rained for 2 days before so occasionally the hiking path was very wet and muddy. We really had to pay attention on where we were stepping.

In the beginning we were passing by quite a lot of cows and also some goats. Then the trail continued through the forest with lots of bilberries under the trees.


The higher we got the less trees and the more flowers there were. Less trees meant also less shade.

Blooming meadows

Finally we arrived to the top. We were not the only ones. There were quite a lot of people having a lunch stop on top. The views are really magnificent.


On a way down we stopped at a small eating place (Alpe Wurzach). Be aware that you can only get different variations of bread, cheese and meat there. There are no options for vegans. Next to it is a small chapel and you can also pet the goats (major attraction for kids).

The whole hike is not the easiest but it offers amazing views and it doesn't take that much time. All together (including lunch stop) it took us about 5 hours to get back to the cable car station.

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