Estonia. Small medieval Rakvere

Rakvere Castle
Our trip to Estonia finished in Rakvere where in every August Rakvere Night Run takes place. I'm not a runner, but my partner is. I stick to the cheering.
The start of the run
It is very popular run with thousands of participants. Rakvere is very small town with not that many hotels. We booked our accommodation almost half a year before the event and got the last room in the hotel we stayed at.

Streets of Rakvere
The main tourist attraction of the town is the castle. It is a medieval castle that has been partially in ruins already for centuries. There are all kind of events and demonstrations taking place in the castle. Unfortunately all in Estonian. So I highly recommend to have some Estonian speaking person with you who can translate. There are for example torture chamber, prison, pharmacy, pottery, kitchen, wine cellar, tournaments and much more.

Inside the castle
Another symbol of the town is the big bull statue. It's right next to the castle and the theater house.

The theater of Rakvere and the symbol of the town
 If you happen to be in the area then the castle is definitely worth visiting. Plan several hours for that. Also the modern town square is a nice contrast to the medieval parts of the town.

Other things that the town is famous for are the alternative Christmas trees they have every year. For example this one. You can just google Rakvere Christmas tree.

Rakvere is also the birth place of famous Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.