Estonian islands. Hiiumaa and Kassari

We spent a week in Estonia to visit my family and friends. Therefore it wasn't a typical tourist trip but we still did some sightseeing. Our trip started from the second largest island Hiiumaa. Despite its size (989 sq km) Hiiuma doesn't have much inhabitants - only about 8500. The central part of the island is mainly covered with forests and bogs and there are very few villages.

Rannapaargu restaurant in Kärdla

Next to Hiiumaa is another island called Kassari. Kassari is the 5th largest island of Estonia but it's so close to Hiiumaa that you might even not notice driving over a small bridge and getting to another island.

Helmerson boulders
It's a perfect place for nature lovers - you can hike in the forests or camp on the beaches without being much interrupted by the others.

Suuremõisa Manor
Suuremõisa Manor's garden

We had a small road trip and visited following places:
  • Orjaku nature trail - you can walk between the reed and junipers and there is a bird watching tower where you can observe the bird life at protected Käina Bay.
  • Kassari Museum - it is a small museum and is a little bit outdated but still worth visiting. It gives an overview of the history of Hiiumaa and Kassari and the way people used to live there in former times. If you ask, they give you a folder with translated display texts.  
  • Vaemla wool factory - displays the wool making machinery more than 100 years old that is still in operation (not all the time though). The entrance is free and there is a small shop where you can buy their products - both knitwear and yarn. At a small café you can enjoy coffee, wafels and milkshakes.
  • Suuremõisa Manor - the biggest manor house on the island. During the summer the doors are open for the visitors, the rest of the year it actually houses two schools - primary school for village kids and a vocational school. At the vocational school among other profession they teach gardeners and therefore the small garden is quite nice to walk around.  There is also a souvenir shop and a café.
  • Kärdla - main town of the island. There are several nice restaurants. If you want to enjoy sea view visit either Kuur or Rannapaargu.
Restaurant Kuur in Kärdla

From Hiiumaa we took a ferry to the biggest island Saaremaa. A post about Saaremaa will follow.