Mountain town Sion

Castle of Sion
Sion is the capital of Valais canton. Valais is a mixed language canton - it's partly German speaking and partly French speaking. Therefore also all the places have German and French names. Valais is called Wallis by German speaking people and Sion is called Sitten. Sion seemed to be mainly French speaking though.

Streets of Sion
Valais was in my not-visited cantons list. Valais if famous for having the highest peaks of Switzerland. My trip didn't involve conquering those - some things have to remain for the future. Instead I went to see the old irrigation canals but I will write about that in the next post.

Town hall
Sion is very old town and its history reaches back to prehistoric times. In the old town I had all the time the feeling that it's built for rough climate. I can only imagine how harsh the winters can be there. What you see are strong stone buildings without unnecessary embellishments.

Main street of the old town
You can easily spend several days in Sion. It has many museums and the town  itself is also nice to walk around. We started our visit from the fortified church of Valère. Church entrance is free but there is also a museum that explains the history of the area. The museum has information in English as well and it was an interesting visit.

View from Valère church

Inside the church of Valère

The oldest organ in Switzerland that is still in use
From the fortified church we continued to the castle ruins. The entrance there is free and you have nice views from there. The ruins themselves are not that special.

View from the castle ruins
In the summer evenings until the end of September there is a light and music show that you can observe from a view platform between the castle and the church.

Light show
We also visited the cathedral and the museum Le Pénitencier. This museum is located in the former prison and displays the treasures from the cathedral and modern art. The building itself is interesting as well.


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