Torrent Neuf: Hiking along the old irrigation canals

Locals at Torrent Neuf
Torrent Neuf is a hiking trail that follows old irrigation canals that are mainly carved into the canyon wall. The hike is 5 km long and completely flat. Therefore it's really easy hike with wonderful views to the mountains. There are quite a few suspension bridges on the route. If you have vertigo, it is probably not the place for you...

Hut at the trail start

The trailhead is not far from Sion but without a car it is tricky to reach. We took a bus from Sion to Chandolin Belvédère and walked from there (a little bit more than 2 km going uphill). There are hiking signs pointing towards Torrent Neuf, although at some crossings the signs were missing and we just followed the general direction that seemed logical. Once we got to the big information board of Torrent Neuf it got the most tricky. There is another path going that has red marks and it looks very tempting to go along that. This is exactly what we did and after walking some time we realized it's completely wrong. To get to the actual starting point, follow the signs to Sainte-Marguerite chapel. It's right next to the starting point.

Path towards the trail head
Once we managed to get to the trail, it was just amazing views and also feeling happy not having to carve those irrigation canals ourselves. On the trail you can see several old photos of making those canals. The whole setting reminded us a lot the hikes we did in Madeira.

The main difference were the warning signs of rock throwing chamois. We actually managed to see some as well.

Warning sign
In the other end of the trail there is also a small hut serving some local food - mainly sausage, cheese and rye bread.

Local delicacies
After having a small break, we walked the same way back and enjoyed the views once more.


One of the suspension bridges
Getting back to Sion was even trickier than getting to the trail. We finished our hike sometime between 2 and 3 pm and during the day there were no buses going back to Sion. So we decided to walk back. It took us about 1.5 hours between numerous wine yards.

Walk back to Sion
If you don't mind walking, it's really nice. If you just want to do Torrent Neuf hike, then I would recommend going by car. If you happen to be in the area, you should definitely go there. Be aware that the trail is not open during winter months, though!

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