Getting to know the history of measuring time and making watches

Collection of alarm clocks
After spending Saturday in Jura and witnessing the cows coming back to valley, we decided to tick off another canton in my list - Neuchatel. Neuchatel and Jura both are famous for watch making. Therefore we decided to go and check out the International Museum of Watches in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Inside the museum
Even if you are not that much into physics and mathematics, the museum is still interesting. I definitely recommend to use the audio guide - it gives excellent background information about the exhibits. We spent in the museum about 2 hours and this time was really well spent. You get an overview how measuring the time has developed and what does it take to make a watch. The museum is probably not that interesting for small kids, but for older ones it can be quite captivating.

After the museum visit we decided to go and check out the first house that Le Corbusier designed on his own. It's called La Maison Blanche. He designed it for his parents and you can already see some elements that are present in his later work. There were also some surprising details, for example the floral wallpaper:

Floral living room at La Maison Blanche
The guide gives you a good overview about the history of the house and what you can see there. There is also a short film about the other works of Le Corbusier.

La Maison Blanche
On a way back to the train station we passed through the small zoo. It's small but very nice and the entrance is free. It looked especially charming in all the autumn colors.

The zoo of La Chaux-de-Fonds